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PRP and Stem Cell techniques from experts in the field

Why start with Surecell?

  • Learn PRP and Stem Cell techniques from experts in the field

  • Gain access to a network of doctors who share in the use of proven protocols.

  • Learn more about the growing amount of scientific research in support of PRP/Stem Cell therapy.

  • Find a more efficient, engaging and thorough way to educate colleagues and patients about PRP/Stem Cell therapy.

Surecell Clinic Locations

Australia: Malvern, Armadale, Boronia, Coburg, Hobart, Hornsby, Toukley

Thailand: Pattaya

Bangladesh: Dhaka

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Powerful Education

We provide short engaging and informative videos for both medical professionals and patients. Our extensive range of videos can be used to explain PRP and Stem Cell therapy, summarise PRP and Stem Cell research and inform patients of pre and post treatment requirements.

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Data Collection

After seeing over 12,000 patients, Surecell has compiled a large database of patient responses to Stem Cell and PRP therapy. This data is extracted for use in research and enables continual improvement in our techniques.

Doctors Training

Surecell is a leading educator in autologous PRP and Stem Cell therapy. Doctors travel from Bangladesh, Thailand, Mongolia, USA, Philippines, Malaysia, New South Wales and Tasmania to learn from Dr. Peter Lewis and his team.

Dr. Lewis regularly provides PRP and Stem Cell lectures to medical professionals, including a series of lectures on "PRP and stem Cells - What a GP needs to know"

"It was a pleasure to attend Dr. Peter Lewis's presentation. I would recommend the evening to any doctor who deals with patients that suffer osteoarthritis or tendinous injury as the process is a very successful modality in the treatment and amelioration of these common conditions"

Dr. Anthony Lolatgis